A Need for Masculinity

We're drowning in a sea of weakness, timidity and fear. Once manhood was a given. A natural hereditary trait passed down from generation to generation, instilled through work ethic, character and values and moral code. Now, honestly, I don't even know what to say about what's left in the abysmal state of masculinity that perpetuates … Continue reading A Need for Masculinity


The Discipline, The Work and The Failure

There's a common misconception that willpower cannot be trained, it cannot be increased and nurtured through continuous use.  Yet if you look at the abundant amount of empirical evidence stacked up against the anecdotal, it's very clear through observation and trial/error, that one can increase one's willpower and self-discipline through a continual push into the … Continue reading The Discipline, The Work and The Failure

Letting Go to Find Purpose

"This process we follow, this cycle we ride" I think in the modern day ADHD society we live in, every single persons gets pulled into "riding the wave" at some point. Going as far as saying that's it's an epidemic that unfortunately, most don't escape from. As odd as it may seem to the outside … Continue reading Letting Go to Find Purpose


Right back at it again

On the last episode of Dragon ball Z... awh fuck my life isn't actually a narrative based around being the strongest in the universe, unless you count the fake myopic one I tell myself everyday to cope with my crippling first world issues because I fall into the typical dogmatic millennial category of humans... yeah … Continue reading Right back at it again


Doing more, because you’re capable of more.

For some transparency here. It's currently 3:00am on the 23rd of Jan, 2017. I just finished reading " #AskGaryVee" by Gary Vaynerchuk  in a nice 5 hour (on and off) reading session after completing some self appointed design work as one of my current goals is too "Create Everyday" whether it be absolutely trash or something … Continue reading Doing more, because you’re capable of more.


Fucking Focus.

Fucking focus! Just stop, listen for a second. We live in ADD dopamine fueled epidemic. Validation and qualification from others is what we all yearn for. Those 50 likes you just got on your last instagram post mean more to you then the compliment your best friend gave you today. You can't see yourself for … Continue reading Fucking Focus.


Ticking Boxes and Finishing Strong

2016 has been the best year to date, for myself anyway. But first lets go back to the beginning of all this in February. I came back from Adelaide after the final in a series of surgeries with a fair amount of irreverence towards everything and everyone. Evidently I knew this couldn't continue and wanted … Continue reading Ticking Boxes and Finishing Strong