Pushing the Needle

We all have the same 365 days, the same allotted time in our fleeting moment of existence. Everything should fucking matter, the way you allocate your time, the people you surround yourself with, the content you consume, the work you do. It all has to mean and should be taken seriously. Now when we think … Continue reading Pushing the Needle


Social Dynamics: Noticing the minor details

Anyone who knows me on a personal level probably understands my love for "game" or more correctly put, Applied Social Psychology. Guys like RSDmax, Todd Valentine, Joe Delaney and more recently Mark Manson were/still are the types of men I would look to exemplify and take bits from to form my own unique game and … Continue reading Social Dynamics: Noticing the minor details

A Need for Masculinity

We're drowning in a sea of weakness, timidity and fear. Once manhood was a given. A natural hereditary trait passed down from generation to generation, instilled through work ethic, character and values and moral code. Now, honestly, I don't even know what to say about what's left in the abysmal state of masculinity that perpetuates … Continue reading A Need for Masculinity


You don’t need heroes

"Growing up means, watching my heroes turn human in front of me" I was never a fan of wearing sports jerseys with the number another man held dear on my back. It didn't feel right. In my head, it was as if I was living in another man's shadow by even putting on a jersey … Continue reading You don’t need heroes



What is courage? What's the notion of courage? What makes a courageous individual? Subjective bias incoming; Courage is the ability to slay your own dragons, face down your fears and become more capable in all facets of life where you can be of service to others for the greater good of humanity. Based on this … Continue reading Courage


Letting Go to Find Purpose

"This process we follow, this cycle we ride" I think in the modern day ADHD society we live in, every single persons gets pulled into "riding the wave" at some point. Going as far as saying that's it's an epidemic that unfortunately, most don't escape from. As odd as it may seem to the outside … Continue reading Letting Go to Find Purpose


The Human Spirit

I believe there's an underlying natural bond in this world, that draws people who are on the same wave length as you toward your core. They've seen both the depths of the dark abyss and the brightness that shines across galaxies far and wide. You feel it as soon as you come in contact with … Continue reading The Human Spirit