Voluntary Discomfort

Become friends with death, and I'll find you there. It's plain and simple to that the world we live in has gone incredibly soft and coddled for a number of reasons, mainly pertaining to technology, humanism and the absolutely wonderful economy we live in. Am I saying we should go back to the times of … Continue reading Voluntary Discomfort


You don’t need heroes

"Growing up means, watching my heroes turn human in front of me" I was never a fan of wearing sports jerseys with the number another man held dear on my back. It didn't feel right. In my head, it was as if I was living in another man's shadow by even putting on a jersey … Continue reading You don’t need heroes

Fix yourself

Fuck your blame games! There's a problem with our post-modernist society that if something doesn't go your way, everyone and everything is the A, B, C cause of why it didn't work for you. The masses screech and metaphorically witch hunt anyone with an ounce of success in the pursuit of life as to make … Continue reading Fix yourself



What is courage? What's the notion of courage? What makes a courageous individual? Subjective bias incoming; Courage is the ability to slay your own dragons, face down your fears and become more capable in all facets of life where you can be of service to others for the greater good of humanity. Based on this … Continue reading Courage


The Discipline, The Work and The Failure

There's a common misconception that willpower cannot be trained, it cannot be increased and nurtured through continuous use. ¬†Yet if you look at the abundant amount of empirical evidence stacked up against the anecdotal, it's very clear through observation and trial/error, that one can increase one's willpower and self-discipline through a continual push into the … Continue reading The Discipline, The Work and The Failure


Right back at it again

On the last episode of Dragon ball Z... awh fuck my life isn't actually a narrative based around being the strongest in the universe, unless you count the fake myopic one I tell myself everyday to cope with my crippling first world issues because I fall into the typical dogmatic millennial category of humans... yeah … Continue reading Right back at it again


The Human Spirit

I believe there's an underlying natural bond in this world, that draws people who are on the same wave length as you toward your core. They've seen both the depths of the dark abyss and the brightness that shines across galaxies far and wide. You feel it as soon as you come in contact with … Continue reading The Human Spirit