What is courage? What's the notion of courage? What makes a courageous individual? Subjective bias incoming; Courage is the ability to slay your own dragons, face down your fears and become more capable in all facets of life where you can be of service to others for the greater good of humanity. Based on this … Continue reading Courage


2018 in a nutshell.

For the past 2 years, I've always put up a post in regards to my plans for the coming year, a recap of the compounding effects of the year near gone and everything I've learnt along the way. Obviously, this is gonna be no different for 2017 so let's crack into her (unless she's over … Continue reading 2018 in a nutshell.

Be better than yesterday, or at least try

How can you help the world if you can't even help yourself first? This statement alone is the generational dogmatic fallacy that so many people fall into. The idea that you can help everyone, and do everything when you haven't even worked on yourself to the extent that the help or advice you offer and … Continue reading Be better than yesterday, or at least try

Win in Preparation

Our lives are goal fulfilment. First and foremost these are set by external influences who have your best interests at heart for a successful and fulfilling career (albeit sometimes this can be overbearing parenting after a certain point) Slowly as you reach the peak of your adolescent years, developing independent views and ideas on life … Continue reading Win in Preparation

Happiness fascinates me

Be a happy motherfucker and enjoy life. It's really as simple as that.. no, it isn't, stop lying to yourself. There's an evident amount of underpinning toward being happy and being happy just for the sheer fact, you & you alone got the chance to even exist. We currently live in a world of falsified … Continue reading Happiness fascinates me

A year of Study, Development and Understanding

It's intriguing for myself to think back to June 2016. I won't go into explicit details of what happened besides the fact that it is the pinpoint, starting line for this general lifestyle overall and mentality adaptation. The sheer combination of actively seeking, taking responsibility and acceptance aided me in guiding oneself (myself) to a … Continue reading A year of Study, Development and Understanding

Feelanthropic V2.0 – A soul full of feels

My first post was back at the very start of 2016 with the exact same title. Initially, after something sparked a genuine and intrinsic want to share my thoughts with the world. To say that was the start of my rollercoaster ride would be fucking correct.. and I am so fucking grateful for every up … Continue reading Feelanthropic V2.0 – A soul full of feels