Fix yourself

Fuck your blame games! There's a problem with our post-modernist society that if something doesn't go your way, everyone and everything is the A, B, C cause of why it didn't work for you. The masses screech and metaphorically witch hunt anyone with an ounce of success in the pursuit of life as to make … Continue reading Fix yourself


What do you write about when there’s nothing to write about?

I don't want to call it writers block, or creative block, or any kind of redundancy that potentially affects ones creative output. I've got lots of things I could write about but to me, most of it would be just jaw-Jap talk of intent rather than the actual process doing. I've got some much random … Continue reading What do you write about when there’s nothing to write about?

Running with the wolves

Give yourself to something, make it work with every ounce of your being. There are no limits, only predefined circumstances that cage us into a deluded sense of self; that we can't do it or that we're better then we think we are, that we're kings when really we're just peasants. I want to say … Continue reading Running with the wolves


The Discipline, The Work and The Failure

There's a common misconception that willpower cannot be trained, it cannot be increased and nurtured through continuous use. ¬†Yet if you look at the abundant amount of empirical evidence stacked up against the anecdotal, it's very clear through observation and trial/error, that one can increase one's willpower and self-discipline through a continual push into the … Continue reading The Discipline, The Work and The Failure


Seeking Discomfort

Death is inevitable, we're all meant to spend our allotted amount of time on earth, hopefully leaving something of impact for the future generations and then just like that, we're gone. Our lifeless vessels buried and remembered for but a moment then slowly forgotten as time goes ever forward into the unknown. That's harsh reality … Continue reading Seeking Discomfort


Multiple Passions

For some preface, I'd like to start off by saying there's nothing wrong with having only one thing you're utterly obsessed with and want to take it all the way, but you're really limiting yourself in terms of prospects and outlooks further down the road, a sort of burning the boats mentality. Now, why have … Continue reading Multiple Passions



Another year, another number. That's how the story goes right? I'm genuinely at peace with everything that's happened the last 12 months, I truly changed my life around for the better, let go of the fear and discomfort and started using them as a guiding force through life. It feels like I've met a thousand … Continue reading 22