Voluntary Discomfort

Become friends with death, and I'll find you there. It's plain and simple to that the world we live in has gone incredibly soft and coddled for a number of reasons, mainly pertaining to technology, humanism and the absolutely wonderful economy we live in. Am I saying we should go back to the times of … Continue reading Voluntary Discomfort


Fix yourself

Fuck your blame games! There's a problem with our post-modernist society that if something doesn't go your way, everyone and everything is the A, B, C cause of why it didn't work for you. The masses screech and metaphorically witch hunt anyone with an ounce of success in the pursuit of life as to make … Continue reading Fix yourself

Put it on Paper

Write that shit down, son! There's an interesting effect that I've noticed from writing tasks, accomplishments, goals and present statistics of certain things down on paper rather than just filling it all out in some note app on your phone. "But your phones a digital extension of you?!" That's why we avoid it for making … Continue reading Put it on Paper


Reality & Digital Audits

"Detox from social media" You've probably heard that come up from time to time with the digital age we currently live in. But I don't think taking a break does as much as doing a complete declutter or audit of your digital world. But what does that mean, to be exact? Simply put, getting rid … Continue reading Reality & Digital Audits