Pushing the Needle

We all have the same 365 days, the same allotted time in our fleeting moment of existence. Everything should fucking matter, the way you allocate your time, the people you surround yourself with, the content you consume, the work you do. It all has to mean and should be taken seriously.

Now when we think about it, if we were all too push ourselves to the utmost of our individual potential every single day, what would we be like 365 days from now? I wanna know, I wanna find out and then find out half a decade later, then a decade later. Imagine how efficient, effective and strong you would be.

The upper limits of that haven’t been explored, as it’s an extremely long game, only a select few have truly reached the pinnacle of human potential and even now today, that needle can be pushed so much fucking further with the rapid advances of our technological age.

To quote me – Don’t compete, win in preparation. This couldn’t hold truer to the above statement, the only person that you’re genuinely competing with is yourself when you pick your pain and suffering intentionally, bear it fully knowing the sacrifices that need to be made to get to where you intend on going and doing everything you have to do that will enable you to get there.

The winning in preparation part of my little slogan is acknowledging the fact that you have to put in some semblance of work to even start pushing the needle, not just for yourself but for humanity as a whole. Our existence truly depends on thousands of people pushing the needle every damn fucking day to make humanity and planet earth a beautiful place to endure our suffering.

Suffer. Learn. Endure and play the long game, that’s all there is to this life.


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