Social Dynamics: Noticing the minor details

Anyone who knows me on a personal level probably understands my love for “game” or more correctly put, Applied Social Psychology.

Guys like RSDmax, Todd Valentine, Joe Delaney and more recently Mark Manson were/still are the types of men I would look to exemplify and take bits from to form my own unique game and ideology on life. Through their outlooks, I was able to grasp a greater understanding of how the male/female dynamic worked, break it down on the fly and then apply it to real-life situations.

The main caveat was Inner Game. The focus on developing yourself to a point where you don’t need stupid gimmicks or “techniques” to pull. This was the drawcard for the four individuals mentioned above, no showy bullshit. All natural ability engrained over time through trial and error. Everything was real and you didn’t put up a mask or veil to receive a shallow connection in return.

But what was the point in all this nonsense? Couldn’t I just have been happy with who I was as a person? Fuck no! I’ve mentioned it in numerous iterations in other posts that I’ve always had a longing/tick in the back of my head to be better than the rest. This was honed in recently and further solidified through the nuances of Darwinian Theory i.e. Natural Evolution or more colloquially put “Adapt or Die Mentality

You’ve all heard the quote that “only the strong survive” I don’t think that could be truer than anytime right now in the current generation with the current dogma that continues to perpetuate the world. I mean for fuck sakes we’re encouraged to feel good about feeling bad, when was this mental hop-scotch given the tick of approval?

So to follow on from the main point and the point of this post, my consciousness of the world, reality and the subtle nuances in every interaction have skyrocketed. I can personally say that Polarization and True Confidence were the two biggest Game changers for me, so let’s break them down shall we kids.

Polarization: The ability to develop an attraction through myriad means i.e. body language, tonality, depth of conversation, humour, touch and feel.

True Confidence: The essence of so-called Inner Game. No veils, no bullshit tactics, just you and everything about you. No fear of rejection and understanding that rejection is a good thing. To quote Mark Manson; “Rejection is keeping two people apart that wouldn’t be good for each other anyway” 

These two in combination aid and enhance life in myriad ways, not just game but also business and the general ins and outs of life. Now to understand these concepts took me I would say around 1.5 years total of continual effort, internal mud wrestling and a lot of fucking low points! Nothing about the whole self-development journey is beautiful. It’s brutal and it’s meant to be kept that way to keep the weak and meek of the world at bay whilst the true kings take reign and rule over all (Strong obnoxious analogy, thunder-cunt)

But the point should have been made by now that you and you alone hold the keys to ability and championing your own mind first should be the number one priority of anyone wishing to seek consistent improvement in every area of life, nuanced or not.

But Ty, isn’t this all emotional manipulation? No, fuckface. That’s why it’s called Inner Game. The one thing I wanted to avoid unlike a lot of the pathetic PUA community is having to use techniques that come from Applied Social Psychology to “get da gurls hurdur”

That very baseline of what I’m talking about is improving you to the point where you don’t have to rely on dumb fucking techniques that only result in shallow, meek connection with the vapidest and boring girls that you’re really not even compatible with (albeit anyone is)

Believe me (or don’t) but once you start this journey you begin to pick up on the very subtle and vague differences in each interaction you have, be it with a potential mate or a new business client. It’s all a compounding effect, the simple equation being: Time x Effort x Patience = Results





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