A Need for Masculinity

We’re drowning in a sea of weakness, timidity and fear.

Once manhood was a given. A natural hereditary trait passed down from generation to generation, instilled through work ethic, character and values and moral code.

Now, honestly, I don’t even know what to say about what’s left in the abysmal state of masculinity that perpetuates our current social structure. Our society celebrates weakness, conformity and low testosterone levels. Boldness, confidence and ability are smeared against the layers and shamed into near oblivion.

This has given way to a lack of respect, a sense of unmerited entitlement and pathetic notions of sneakiness to get what one wants under the guise of falsehoods, niceities and fear of ostracism from the pack.

What once stood as a symbol of self-efficacy, composure and passion is now a bloodied mess. The groupthink of modern liberalism and modernity has butchered the remnants of manhood, ‘boys will be boys’ is now seen as promoting violence and “toxic masculinity” Going against the grain is seen as the betrayal of the cult that is this generationally weakening ideological think tank.

But how did this come to be? Simulation of perfection in an imperfect reality! Youtube and Instagram give notion to being part of something bigger. Facebook and Twitter give an opportunity for the meek and ill-informed to grandstand their individualistic opinions that are backed up and validated by the moulding of groupthink and dogmatic thought. This is a constant in our day to day and has us living with the notion of perfectionism that is simulated through these social media streams.

We don’t have to take action or be accountable for anything anymore because we don’t fucking do anything due to the combination of fear and dopamine surges that are right at our fingertips (Porn, games, likes and comments)

Men don’t know how to be men. The castration of an entire generation due to a lack of guiding light in a world with nearly unlimited options.

So my personal inquiry lead to this, is free will really free will? We have the world at our fingertips and the ability to get the most out of our seemingly short lives but were riddled with anxiety, self-doubt and a handful of other problems that are caused by what is known as humanism and equality.

Is the meer solution to not give a fuck and forge your own path regardless? Or something deeper that pertains to the social constructs that have given even the most mediocre a voice? This is the ethical conundrum of our post-modernist society.

Personally, I believe in doing my own thing regardless as I follow along the lines of individualistic thought and Darwinian theory of evolution and natural selection “Only the strong survive”

Now with that being stated, do I believe in free will and the ability to do as one pleases? Yes, yes I fucking do! Do I believe in equality? No, simply for the fact that the movement itself is fractured and pertains to the common denominator of those who don’t understand how to think for themselves and assess the larger picture at play.

For a simpler breakdown, yes to giving everyone a fair go, no to everyone being equal.

Free will and openness go hand in hand, but it has also opened the floodgates for a societal hell. Being a masculine, caring and passionate man is near impossible in the current age without some label being dropped on your head.

So my dear reader, what am I pushing here? Be you, unapologetically be you, own yourself, have the confidence to go out into the world, take a firm grasp of it and make your life on your own terms. Work on yourself, be your own masterpiece, slay every demon that comes onto your path, drop the voluntary victimhood, drop the yearning for validation from a simulation of life, stop processing things that don’t help you, start reaffirming in your head who you truly are, look at the bigger picture, plan your future.

Work, train, learn and be of value to others. Not for my sake that you got something from this article, but for the sake of humanity! It’s so easy to just roll over and let your existence diminish out of fear, but I ask of you.. take action and take control of your life.


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