Voluntary Discomfort

Become friends with death, and I’ll find you there.

It’s plain and simple to that the world we live in has gone incredibly soft and coddled for a number of reasons, mainly pertaining to technology, humanism and the absolutely wonderful economy we live in. Am I saying we should go back to the times of medieval India and section humanity into different classes without any way of ever changing that? No, I love my freedom and you probably do too, if you’re aware of it.

But with this increase in freedom has come a lapse of control, both physically, mentally and emotionally. These three variables shape who you are as a person, the things you do and the goals you want to fulfil before you die (unless you believe in the search for immortality, then sure, find that and live forever)

Body image, mental health and emotional stability are at an all-time low, even with all of our modern comforts and lack of potential risk. This stems from our ever-widening access and looks into others lives (thanks, social media) and internal discomfort that’s felt as it’s now natural to compare ourselves to the lives of others, more accurately – comparing ourselves to a screen grab of time that looks flawless.

All of this would correlate with the boom of “self-help” and “self-improvement” as man’s search for meaning becomes harder to grasp, we turn to others that seem to have it figured out. I know a handful of people that have asked me for advice on things I have seemingly fuck all experience with under the notion of “You’ve got your shit together” or something arbitrary along those lines.

I normally prescribe a small dose of discomfort followed by incrementally increasing doses over a sustained period of time until we generate what is known as the compounding effect and it continually snowballs as you continually progress. Not to say that the sun might melt you a little bit and you’ll be 3 steps backwards but you’ll now know to stay in the fucking shade when the sun shines brighter than your Aunt Jodies white undies on the line.

I can personally attest to this method and guarantee many others would agree with me who have followed the same principles to some degree and seen results not only in the area they had targeted but the overflow into other areas of life too.

So without further ado, sit back, buckle the fuck up and take some notes. You’re about to learn how to become a sicker individual then you already are!

Here are what I’ve personally done and still continue to do every day (side note, it’s taken about 2.5 years to build all these habits into my life, so don’t get discouraged if you fault and shrink back into old habits, get back up and do it again!)

1. Exercise

2. Reading and personal study

3. Early rising

4. Colder showers

5. Even meditation and yoga (mobility work tbh, not a fucking yogi..yet)

6. The “game” (women, dating, pick up, basically anything under self-improvement)

7. Healthy eating

For the sake of integrity, I’d like to state that exercise and personal study was and continue to be the main two areas of which have affected my life the most. From these two alone, the other 5 followed in quite the natural progression. It may have also helped that from a very young age I’ve had a tick/voice going off in the back of my head pushing me to do more (HE’S NUTS, HE’S MENTAL, RUN!)

Everything that is listed is what is called voluntary discomforts, things that cause internal pain, angst and suffering to a small degree in order to seek personal bliss and daily improvements over your lifespan. You can’t have the world if you’re not willing to make sacrifices and get out of your comfort zone every fucking day!

So, my task to you, dear reader is: Pick one, do it for a month, keep doing it after that month and then add another in. Now paradoxically exercise and healthy eating are the easiest of the two provided your not a lazy fucking shit bag that wants to the magic pill to look like a Greek god. So as a personal suggestion, start with them, then follow with early rising, then cold showers, then reading.

At the end of the day, do it your way and have a good time doing it. Happiness is a choice, a state of being!



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