You don’t need heroes

“Growing up means, watching my heroes turn human in front of me”

I was never a fan of wearing sports jerseys with the number another man held dear on my back. It didn’t feel right. In my head, it was as if I was living in another man’s shadow by even putting on a jersey with a number that I was specifically given or a last name that wasn’t my own.

There’s definitely a time when we all realise that the people who we consider heroes aren’t really heroes at all. Just mere humans dressed in the spotlight that is shined on them for however many fleeting moments it takes to gain notoriety and fame for something they were once a novice at.

What everyone should instead strive for is finding people to mentor and help better them so they can better others around them (Fix yourself) Not the idyllic notion of someone that you can model and pretend to be or at least try to operate under the false pretence that you are them.

Aren’t we all meant to be unique and individual after all? So take what you will from these people you aspire to be like, take advice from people in higher positions than you and mould your own personal beliefs and twists into them so they become unique to you and actually hold weight, merit and value. Not just any empty ideal you copy and paste into your game thinking it’s the cheat code to success or whatever you believe to be the pinnacle of this short journey known as human existence.

Be your own hero, is a simple summarization of this blog. Put in the work, put out content, document for future generations so they learn from your mistakes and do it with passion, or not at all!




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