Fuck your blame games!

There’s a problem with our post-modernist society that if something doesn’t go your way, everyone and everything is the A, B, C cause of why it didn’t work for you. The masses screech and metaphorically witch hunt anyone with an ounce of success in the pursuit of life as to make themselves feel better about their lack of “wins”

What if I told you, you’re the fucking problem! you overgrown, self-absorbed manchild? I bet you’d have an aneurysm and throw out every variation of ad-hominem you could think of in an effort to feel like the bigger man/woman.

This is, unfortunately, the basis of quite a few of the problems we condemn the world with.. when in reality they’re ours to handle because we created them.

This follows on from my post about courage and how it’s essentially the ‘pain period’ of all journeys before the light starts to shine brighter at the end of the tunnel.

There’s an interesting paradox that I’ve become aware of whilst on my personal journey, and that is when you fix yourself, you slowly attract the people you want and give less of a fuck about dropping old paradigms as you know your continual evolution will only benefit others around you and yourself which in turn gives you everything you originally set out for.

Fixing yourself requires dropping any false notions of who you are as a person, cutting the pretending out and throwing out every mask you’ve ever worn. As my favourite author and all-around intelligent fellow, Mark Manson would put it, becoming vulnerable.

Vulnerability? What the fuck, does that mean I have to stop being a masculine man or feminine woman? No, not in the slightest. It means being open to everything that life throws at you and not changing for anyone as you derive your value unequivocally from yourself and no one else. You’re okay with being rejected from things as you know you’re saving time and putting it into others and things that will generate value and have your best interests at heart. None of this emotionally draining mental gymnastics that lead to hurt and pain.

Open yourself to the world and hold the gates open for others to follow behind you, set boundaries, have ambitions and things you want to achieve! Put those before anyone else and only invest in those who you see compatible with and are on a 50/50 emotionally even and mature playing field with. Never fucking fault in these areas and I guarantee you have the basis for finding the people you truly want in your life!

Fix yourself, champion your mind and try to save the world in the process for the generations to follow!





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