What is courage? What’s the notion of courage? What makes a courageous individual?

Subjective bias incoming; Courage is the ability to slay your own dragons, face down your fears and become more capable in all facets of life where you can be of service to others for the greater good of humanity.

Based on this statement alone, I believe courage to be something most people struggle to sum up and develop within themselves as it truly does take metaphorical balls to become conscious of your flaws, inconsistent behaviours and the downright dark, evil & malevolent inside you and deal with that face on, like a samurai holding his ground and never faulting til his last dying breath. If anyone tells you that picking yourself apart isn’t hard and won’t hurt, tell em’ to fuck off and go do it themselves because they evidently haven’t searched or looked deep enough.

Now that’s personal, intrinsic courage summed up, but what about the real-world application? Not just mental gymnastics regurgitated by every other self-help blog or journey that’s posted online for the world to glorify and gape at it in aw?

Start simple, what scares you? what causes anxiety? what causes fear? Figure those out, and then take a small step into the arena with your sword drawn and shield held high and slowly start swinging. You might miss at first and feel discouraged. Your natural myopia might try to reel you back in like a fisherman trying to catch a shark only to get pulled overboard. But get the fuck up, dust yourself off, pick up your sword and have another stab at the big, triumphant bastard in front of you.

Remember, everything is a conscious choice, a concerted effort to becoming a more capable and well-rounded human with the ability to push others beyond the wall and into the Elysian fields with you. You don’t have to slay your dragons, you don’t have to do anything at all, you could call me a sob, cuss me out and say that my musings are fucking bullshit and will never help anyone. You know what, that’s cool too. It takes courage to disavow anothers efforts and trivialise them just like it takes courage for me to put myself out to the world through this blog in hopes that maybe one person will be coaxed and provoked enough by my thoughts and ideas on life to sort themselves out, add or subtract new parts of themselves and in extreme cases, drop entire paradigms to become the person they truly are meant to be instead of hiding behind the layers and veils they pile on themselves in an effort to avoid and hide their authentic, true self.

It’s inside you, everything you want, is right there, right now, and you can have it.. if you’re willing to take the risk, pluck up some courage and peel back the shell of your former self, layer by layer, slaying a new boss at each level till you become champion of your own realm. Courage is the essence of capability and self-belief, believe in yourself because there will come a time when no one else will, and that’s when the true test starts.

That’s what courage is, that’s how men ennoble men and continue to hold the light further ahead for one another! Not living a life through the eyes of a preconceived victim mentality that life gave you the bad hand of cards and that’s the worst thing that could happen and everyone should feel sad for you and give you everything in life.

Where’s the capability in that paradigm? There is none, you should be thankful for the hardships that you face and look forward to the future problems that the world is going to generate for you out of the will that is nature. Better problems are better than no problems at all so hope for better problems to replace the current trivial ones you have, your character will thank you for them when you come out the other side!


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